Saturday, July 26, 2014

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

Pinterest is an extremely popular photo-sharing website that allows you to inspire others, and discover ideas for your projects. Today, the website has over 5 million members, that are discovering how to utilize it to get more exposure for their businesses and organizations. Just about anyone can join Pinterest to collect and save photographs on the website. Users will enjoy using the site to do things like creating boards, pinning items, and socializing with other members. Also, be sure to download the Pinterest app from the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store, so you can use your smart phone or tablet pc to share your photographs with others. Okay, here is how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog.

1. Business owners can easily grow their followers on Pinterest, when they engage their audience with compelling content. The first thing that you should do after you join Pinterest is create a profile page. Include information on your page about yourself or your company. Your username should be your name or your company name.

2. Fill out the about section, and include your blog or business website link. Upload a headshot of yourself, or your company's logo. Frequently visit Pinterest website to share your photographs. Business owners should pin things that represents their brands.

3. Use colorful photographs, and be sure to follow other boards with the same photograph. 4. Search for popular pins with the same interest as yours, and post comments on them. To avoid your account being suspended, don't make more than 2 to 3 comments per day on other members posts.

5. Connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to attract more visitors to your pins.

6. Increase your pins exposure by promoting your boards.

7. Host a giveaway contest and offer a really cool prize.

Monday, July 21, 2014

3 Cool Software Tools You Can Use To Create Free YouTube Ringtones

If you really like ringtones and want to learn how to create free YouTube ringtones, use websites like MadRingtones, SmartMP3Splitter and MakeOwnRingtone. You will be able to select the start and end point of a YouTube video or mp3 file that you want to hear as a ringtone. Then convert the audio file into a ringtone and download it on your computer. Then, transfer your new ringtone to your mobile phone, and you will never have to pay for a new one. To get started, open the web browser on your computer, and type the URL address, “” in the search field. Then, click the “Search” button.

Type the name of a song title that you want to convert into a ringtone in the YouTube search field. And, hit the Search button. Highlight and copy the YouTube video URL address that you see on your web browser. Next, open Notepad on your computer, and paste the YouTube video URL address into the text area of the window. Then, click the “-” button to minimize the Notepad window. Navigate to the free ringtone Web service that you want to use that can convert YouTube videos into ringtones.

Check to make certain the ringtone Web service also allows you to save your new custom ringtones in various file formats. Look for the “Upload” button on the Web page. A popup box will appear on your screen. Click on the button “... from YouTube”. Click on the Notepad icon that's shown on your taskbar to reopen the window. Use your mouse to highlight the YouTube video URL address. Hold down the “Ctrl” key and press the “C” key on your keyboard.

Paste the YouTube video URL address in the “YouTube” field on the popup box. Move your mouse over the field box and hold down the “Ctrl” key and press the “V” key. Click the “Load” button when you are done. Wait until the ringtone Web service converts the YouTube video file into a mp3 sound track. The conversion process will take a few moments to complete.

Edit the mp3 sound track. Choose a start and ending point that you want to hear as a ringtone. Click the "Play" button to test how the ringtone sounds. Continue editing the mp3 sound track until you're satisfied with the sound that you want to hear. Click the "Save" button when your are finished editing the mp3 sound track and download the file on your computer.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 Quick Tips About Preventing Malware on Smartphones

If you own a smartphone, you should not overlook the possibility that it won't develop problems from viruses, malware, spyware, hackers, and thieves. When you purchase a smartphone, it is up to you to protect your personal information and data. Today, millions of people are using smartphones, but they may not know how to protect their devices from intruders. So, here is 5 Quick Tips About Preventing Malware on Smartphones, and how you can keep your personal information from getting into the wrong hands.

1. I recommend using strong passwords with several characters to keep your data safe and secure. When you create a password, include capitalized and lower case letters and include numbers too.

2. Before you install a new app on your smartphone, it's a good idea to do some research about it. Find out what others are saying about the app, and if they are having any problems using it on their phones. If so, look for a similar app that has good reviews from users.

3. Avoid using public wi-Fi on your smartphone to access your personal information, such as email, bank accounts, and social network pages. Unfortunately, some public wi-fi areas are not encrypted, and hackers use these areas gain access to computers and smartphones.

4. If you own an iPhone download an anti-virus app from the Apple App Store that can protect your phone from malware, worms, trojan horses, and other malicious viruses. Be aware of independent app stores that claims they offer apps for all types of platforms. Many of them may not be supervised and hackers could easily distribute various types of malware-infested apps on these types of websites.

5. Android smartphone users can download an anti-virus app from the Google Play store, and Amazon App Store. The apps that they promote on your their websites are safe to use.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Learn How To Make Money Designing Smartphone Apps In Your Spare Time

Do you have a great idea for a smartphone app, and the desire to build one that can turn the Apple iOS, Android, Windows, or the BlackBerry phone into a powerful miniature PC? Well, if you do, you can learn how to make money designing smartphone apps in your spare time. With the right tools, designing smartphone apps is fairly easy. First, you will have to decide which smartphone platform is best for your app, and then write the code. Or, at least have someone on your team that knows how to program code do it for you.

Designing and creating the user interface for your smartphone app is something that you should learn more about. A good place to start for the Apple iOS platform is the iOS Dev Center. If you decide to create an app for the Android platform, check out the Developers Guide For Android. Also, take a look at Windows Mobile Development Center and the BlackBerry Developer Zone, if you want to use those platforms for your smartphone app.

Another thing that I suggest you do is read the latest books about developing smartphone applications. Check out your local library for these types of books, or purchase them from popular book retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Invest a few dollars in a good app design starter kit, like the Premium PSD Software Kit. Web developers are raving about the software, because it includes some amazing graphics, various types of designs, and elements that you will need to create a cool-looking user interface for your app. Be sure to check out the websites, App Makr and Buzztouch. You can use both of these sites for free, to learn how to design and build smartphone apps online.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Save Money Now! - When You Use Fiverr For All Your Professional Services

If you are searching for inexpensive professional services for your small business, you can save money right now, when you use Fiverr for all your professional services. Here's why so many professionals and businesses are turning to the popular website to outsource their work projects, and hire talented people that they can depend on to deliver what they want. In fact, when you use Fiverr, you will be able to find people that can help you grow your business by providing services, such as video testimonials, SEO optimized articles, press releases, online marketing, programming and tech related tasks.

And best of all, Fiverr's talented professionals only charge five dollars for their services. And, you won't believe the things people do for only $5. For example, if you need a logo design for your small business, you could reach out to a graphic designer that will gladly create a professional looking logo design that conveys information about your business. As well as build a brand for your products and services. Or, you might be interested in a graphic designer that can produce a beautiful and stunning eBook cover for your latest novel. Whenever your business needs to enhance its presence to consumers, I highly recommend using Fiverr to help you to save money on expensive professional services.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Music Oasis - Offers Free Music Downloads

I guess you may already know that I enjoy searching the Internet for free stuff. While I was surfing the web, I discovered, Music Oasis - Free Music Downloads. They promise that you will have access to a wide selection of music. And, there is no purchase or registration required. I was amazed that you can stream, or download high quality songs from their library in MP3 format. You can listen to popular songs, such as Country, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Bollywood, Worship, and more. So, I tried it out and I am very pleased with their free service.

Music Oasis promises that you can use any music player to listen to your favorite songs without any restrictions. If you want to learn more about this cool software, head over to their website. Then, click the "Download Now" button on their homepage, to install the Music Oasis virus-free software on your computer. They make it really easy for you to listen to your favorite songs anytime and from anywhere you happen to be.