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What’s Ahead for Cloud Computing?
What will be the hot trends in 2012? We asked our readers to share their predictions in several key areas, and as expected, the hottest topic is cloud computing. We received so many responses that we will present the DCK readers’ cloud predictions in two parts.

HTML5: Hype, Substance and Scrutiny
Luke Stevens, author of The Truth About HTML5, that takes a critical look at the past, present and future of HTML5. What is HTML5, really? How did it come about? Should we really be blindly following what we’re told about it or is some critical thinking required?

Ten Ways to Get the Most out of Google+
With more than 250 million registered users, Google+ has now emerged as a top social-media player. CIOs and other senior technology managers can take advantage of this fast-rising star to increase their professional visibility while promoting their organization's products and services. In his new book, "What the Plus!: Google+...

5 Hot Facebook Marketing Trends
Facebook looks completely different than it did a year ago, so it shouldn’t be surprising that marketing on the social network has also changed a great deal. The biggest difference is Timeline, the photo-heavy redesign that Facebook herded brands into in March.

What to Consider Before Upgrading to iOS 6
Apple's iOS 6 is now available for download to later generation iPhones and iPads. But potential users should carefully consider a number of factors before deciding to upgrade to the new operating system.